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How to Come Up With Social Media Ideas for Your Business [Video]

Generating social media ideas for your business can be tough sledding--especially if you/your business is new social media. However, coming up with ideas can become clockwork for you if you follow the approach we take (in the video above) and apply it for yourself. Identify what types of content fit

Company Logos with Hidden Meanings

The five logos in the video below have interesting hidden meanings that may go unnoticed on first glance. Some of the logos seem basic, or uninspired. However, in reality they are the result of deep thought, and great design. Let’s look at the five logos and their hidden meanings.  


Mind Your Marketing #55 – Jeff Bezos Exposes Himself and the National Enquirer

Welcome back to another episode of the Mind Your Marketing podcast. Today we're discussing: -Jeff Bezos exposes himself and the National Enquirer -Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO), hits the interview trail, revealing interesting thoughts about a potential "edit" button on Twitter -A recent UK government report is calling for increased regulation

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