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This week we’re discussing:

-Wendy’s comes at Chick-fil-A

-ABC cancels Roseanne

-Bryan Colangelo goes crazy on Twitter

-The Vegas Knights put on a show

-Chipotle adds a “drive-thru”


PLUS, Ad Campaigns:

-iZettle attacks Amazon

-Duracell makes us laugh

-Asics hires a tennis star

-KFC calls it a comeback

-Optus disappoints us

-Visa sends Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the World Cup


listen to masters of travel podcast


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Show Notes

Ad spots (and news) we covered:


1. iZettle – For the Selfmade



2. Duracell – Hallway



3. Asics – Novak Djokovic – I Move Me



4. KFC – Comeback



5. Optus – The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful



6. Visa – Zlatan Ibrahimovic goes to the World Cup



7. Vegas Knights – Pregame Show



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