Welcome to a very special 50th episode of Mind Your Marketing. We were thrilled to bring on some of our favorite experts in the marketing industry this week, and get there thoughts on the very best ad campaigns from the last five years. Click play below and check out which ads impressed our expert guests the most.

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Meet the Experts

vincent orleckVincent Orleck is in charge of social media strategy and planning at Arizona State University Research. He’s also the co-host of the More Than Hashtags podcast. In his segment we discuss: 

  • Why IHOP changed their name to IHOB (International House of Burgers).  
  • The huge buzz and reaction, when they changed it and changed it back.

Have you tried the IHOP burgers?

You’re not living if you’re not getting drunk at an IHOP at least once a year.


Kerry O’Shea Gorgone is a speaker, lawyer, writer, podcaster, and director at Marketing Profs.  In her segment we discuss:

  • Suave’s ad spot revealing TV tricks in commercials.
  • Why showing behind the scenes footage, and real people, makes such an impact.


An interesting spot, because 74% of women don’t think that hair commercials are showing off an achievable hair. A suave move, Suave.


Aidan Ryan Cave SocialAidan Belanger is a writer and content strategist at Cave Social. In her segment we discuss: 

  • A Nespresso ad starring George Clooney that green-screened in famous movies from the past.
  • Why the spot took a lot of time to put together, and a lot of licensing.  


Nespresso looks delicious and has a great presence in advertising and in stores. Also, drinking Nespresso has you one step closer to being George Clooney.


Andre Lindo is a digital designer and a marketing coordinator at MacEwan Marketing Club. Here’s what we talked about: 

  • A classic that can’t be forgotten, Andre spoke about the Old Spice commercials: the man you wish your man smelled like.
  • How Old Spice cleverly marketed to women in a sense because women are responsible for over half all of body wash purchases. 
  • The commercials have been more watched than President Obama’s acceptance speech.


What a campaign. And it just kept going. Unbelievable how much reach this spot had, and continues to have.


Rob Cressy is a creator, entrepreneur, the founder of Bacon Sports, a sports content agency and sports fan community. Here’s what we talk about on Rob’s segment: 

  • An extremely successful LeBron James Nike commercial that uses real footage from LeBron’s past to send an inspiring message: It’s only crazy until you do it. 
  • Why being subtle with your branding is sometimes more impactful. 


LeBron. The chosen one. He’s a great figure and a marketing powerhouse.


Cave Social Taylor KerbyTaylor Kerby is the creative director of Cave Social and loves being behind the camera more than being in front of it. He chose a unique ad to discuss: 

  • RAM Trucks stopped the madness of a Super Bowl party with a brilliant ad about farmers. Yep. Farmers. 
  • Why RAM chooses to associate themselves with values.


This one grabbed everyone attention. During the Super Bowl. Quite the accomplishment.


Jordan also spoke about one of our favorite spots, Long, Long, Man – a Japanese ad for gum. He also highlighted an ad from Lotto New Zealand. Check them out here: 


Justin loves all ads from IKEA, especially the ‘skip the ads’ YouTube pre-roll campaign from last year. Halo Top did the weirdest ad we’ve ever discussed on the show – the ad ran before the film It, and featured a grandma being forced to eat ice cream by a robot. And Burger King gets a shoutout for being creative, including pink fries and an anti-bullying campaign. Here are his favorite ads from the last 50 episodes: 






We’ve seen some brilliant ads in the past 50 episodes. Can’t wait to see what the next 50 have in store for us.