Welcome to another episode of Mind Your Marketing – the weekly podcast that covers all of the latest marketing news and trending ad spots. Show notes are below!

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This week we’re discussing:

-Apple’s latest product announcement

-Pinterest sees massive growth

-Nike’s online sales are 31%

-Joe Biden is coming to IGTV

PLUS, Ad Campaigns:

-Heineken goes undercover with the perfect man

-The Red Cross brings attention to the Day of the Disappeared

-Steph Curry is the nicest guy in basketball

-Everything sticks to Stefon Diggs’ hands in Geico’s latest spot

-Old Spice releases a weird commercial (shocker)

-Ikea wants you to fall in love with your lamp

listen to masters of travel podcast


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Show Notes

Ad spots (and news) we covered:

1. Heineken – The Perfect Man

2. International Day of the Disappeared – Time is Pain

3. Infiniti QX50 – The Nicest Guy in Basketball

4. Geico – Everything Sticks to Stefon Diggs’

5. Old Spice – She Nose Best

6. Ikea – The Lamp