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This week we’re discussing:

-Nike’s latest ad featuring Colin Kaepernick good for the brand?

-Bud Light reveals the “Philly Philly” statue

-Twitter and Facebook Testify to Congress

-Instagram is building an app to help you shop

PLUS, Ad Campaigns:

-Nike’s spot featuring Colin Kaepernick

-Hyundai Saudi Arabia – Welcome to the driver’s seat

-Snickers shows off a rap battle

-REMA 1000 wants to keep things simple

-Serena Williams has been preparing for the US Open since she was a child

listen to masters of travel podcast


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Show Notes

Ad spots (and news) we covered:

1. Nike – Dream Crazy

2. Hyundai – Welcome to Driver’s Seat

3. Snickers – Rap Battle

4. REMA 1000 – Smart House

5. Just Do It: Serena Williams