Welcome to another episode of Mind Your Marketing – the weekly podcast that covers all of the latest marketing news and trending ad spots. Show notes are below!

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This week we’re discussing:

-Dunkin’ Donuts is dropping the “donuts” from their name

-President Trump accuses Google of rigging news results

-Huawei gets busted for false advertising

-YouTube will become the #2 most popular website in the US soon

-Twitter launches Twitter Lite

-T-Mobile is revamping its customer service department

-Tinder creates a new version of their app solely for university students

PLUS, Ad Campaigns:

-KFC stars in a sitcom

-LiveRiga confuses everyone

-Starhub Mobile puts together the world’s fastest band

-The National Safety Council wants you to stop texting while driving

-HP does an interesting exercise while making family portraits

listen to masters of travel podcast


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Show Notes

Ad spots (and news) we covered:

1. KFC – Sitcom

2. LiveRiga – Tennis Guide to Riga

3. Starhub Mobile – The World’s Fastest Band

4. National Safety Council – There’s No Next if You Text

5. HP – Family Portraits