Mind Your Marketing #27 – Where’s The Frozen Beef?

Welcome to another episode of Mind Your Marketing – the weekly podcast that covers all of the latest marketing news and trending ad spots. Show notes are below! 

This week we’re discussing:

-Mattel’s new Barbies

-Bumble is sponsoring an NBA team and banning guns in profile pictures

-Why the ratings for the Oscars were terrible, and why they’ve been slipping

-Whether or not Amazon could get into finance

-McDonald’s is switching to fresh burgers and Wendy’s doesn’t like it at all

-Lacoste is changing its famous alligator logo

PLUS, Ad Campaigns:

-Apple’s latest ad by Spike Jonze

-Coors Light tries to capture outdoorsy beer drinkers

-Nest shows some respect on prom night

-The Walmart Box Series

-Google’s smart speaker campaign, “Make Google Do It”

-Snickers is back with a twist on an old campaign

-Heinz brings in a hostage negotiator

-Delta drops Justin’s favorite airline ad in the last year


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Show Notes

Ad spots (and news) we covered:


1. Apple HomePod – Welcome Home by Spike Jonze



2. Coors Light – Refresh for What’s Next



3. Google Nest – Prom Night



4. Walmart – The Walmart Box – Dee Rees (1/3)



Walmart – The Walmart Box – Melissa McCarthy (2/3)



Walmart – The Walmart Box – Nancy Meyers (3/3)



5. Google – A Million Things Made Easier



6. SNICKERS – Ahmend



7. Heinz Ketchup – The Dinnertime Negotiator



8. Delta – Runways



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